Wiggle Walls
Spacial Design
Exhibition Design

How can we create spaces, privacy, or moments of sponteneity out of thin air?

In a matter of seconds, this inflatable, modular wall system is made to use as you see fit. They stack together for a continuous flow, or break apart and can stand alone on their own.

The unique wiggle shape and bright colors are designed to invite rather than exclude. 

Wiggle Walls are modular and inflate instantly. Custom fabricated connectors enable panels to be detached and rearranged.
Wiggle Walls © 2023




Kipper Thomas Reinsmith designs objects that celebrate unique ways of being in the world. Centering joy as a lead design principle, his work encourages perspective shifts by exploring nontraditional ways of occupying the interior. Before RISD, Kipper worked as a creative director and producer for Square/Block, YouTube, VICE and more. Kipper graduated from New York University with a BFA in film and television production with a focus in documentary. Master of Industrial Design @ RISD ︎ May ‘24