Gemini Lamp

Wood Turning
Product Design
This lamp was developed after a semester-long study in advanced wood turning.  

Split-Turned Lamp, LED Bulb, 2022

Process - Prototype 1: Exploring form, shape, and process. 4 Part split turning. Outcome: Looking for more extreme curves in next iteration.

Process - Prototype 2: a 9-part split turning. Outcome: More extreme curves achieved but the lamp walls became too thin. Looking for happy medium between P1 and P2.

Process - Prototype 3 - Close to final form, I created more dramatic curves and turned a base for the bulb 




Kipper Thomas Reinsmith designs objects that celebrate unique ways of being in the world. Centering joy as a lead design principle, his work encourages perspective shifts by exploring nontraditional ways of occupying the interior. Before RISD, Kipper worked as a creative director and producer for Square/Block, YouTube, VICE and more. Kipper graduated from New York University with a BFA in film and television production with a focus in documentary. Master of Industrial Design @ RISD ︎ May ‘24